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The Vocal Educator Toolkit

The vocal anatomy and technique knowledge that EVERY
singing teacher should have before starting teaching

What is the Vocal Educator Toolkit?

The Vocal Educator Toolkit (VET) is VocaLab’s flagship singing teacher training course. It is a live, online, holistic, evidence-based, interactive webinar that will aid you in becoming a more knowledgeable, empowered and effective vocal communicator, whilst also providing you with a small community of likeminded vocal educators.

It runs for 5 weeks and is presented by voice specialising Speech Pathologist and Singing Voice Specialist, Elle Nichelle who runs VocaLab Voice Clinic in Adelaide, Australia. During the VET you will explore vocal anatomy, physiology, warm-ups, assessments, vocal trouble-shooting, exercises, counselling strategies, common and uncommon voice pathology (nodules, polyps, laryngitis) and how they present, and when and who to refer to when you suspect something is different about your student’s voice! You will also come away having created your very own resources to use in your lessons with your students.

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Join hundreds of vocal educators across the globe

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– MAY 26TH

INVESTMENT: $950 AUD (The breakdown: $190 per 3 hour session, over 5 weeks)

Approximate conversion from AUD to USD: $620 ($124 per 3 hour session; dependant on international exchange rates)
Limited spots available for all courses.

What's included?

Advanced Vocal Technique Workshop

The VocaLab Advanced Vocal Technique Worskhop covers practical application of advanced singing technique for musical theatre and contemporary genres and how to teach these techniques to others using the VocaLab method – applying science-based application of singing cues.

Who is it for? 
Both new and experienced singers and singing teachers wanting to expand their vocal technique knowledge and grow their voice in the musical theatre and contemporary genres

What will be covered? 
+ Increasing range, power and clarity in your mixed belt, legit belt and head voice
+ Twang application, theory and strengthening
+ Vowel modification: how to use it & teach it using the VocaLab method
+ Technique specific warm ups
+ Application of breathwork to songs

Throughout the day, you’ll have chances to apply your newly-acquired skills within the group setting using your selected song. If you’re interested, there will be opportunities for one-on-one feedback from Elle to showcase what you’ve learned.

+ Course guidebook and pens
+ Water, tea & coffee
+ Ability to record your own work
+ Group work & optional solo work opportunity with Elle
+ Certificate of completion
+ Payment options available

July 13th – Brisbane
July 14th – Gold Coast
July 20th – Melbourne
July 21st – Sydney
July 27th – Adelaide

What does a workshop look like?

What do participants think?

Musical Director's Vocal Coaching Toolkit ​

A one day in-person workshop

The Musical Director’s Vocal Coaching Toolkit is a full-day, face to face workshop that covers relevant vocal anatomy and physiology, vocal language, voice care and strategies to coach both an ensemble and individuals on achieving blend, pitch, desired vocal sounds and stamina whilst singing, and a safe, stable speaking voice.


+ How to instruct effective blending in your ensemble
+ Instructing your cast on how to sing in tune
+ Strategies for teaching harmonies
+ Safely projecting speaking voices
+ How to coach your cast leads to sing more dynamically
+ The vocal language to communicate effectively with your vocalists
+ What to do when the dreaded laryngitis or cold hits the cast

This workshop also provides a space for practical application of all your new knowledge, encouraging you to explore how to achieve these sounds in your own voice, so you can guide your cast towards your vocal vision.


Elle is based in South Australia; however, you can enquire to book the MD Vocal Coaching Toolkit interstate over overseas for your school or workplace. If you do require Elle and/or a VocaLab coach to travel for an in-person session, you are required to provide return airfares, transport to and from the venue, and hotel accomodation in addition to the course fee

INVESTMENT: $950 AUD per person. This price includes GST.

To discuss booking an MD Vocal Coaching Toolkit workshop in more detail click on the button below.

Vocal Health Workshops ​

for your school, group or business

Vocal Health workshops focus on:
+ relevant anatomy and function of the larynx
+ recognising vocal strain and fatigue
+ what is a vocal injury and how to prevent one
+ creating a sustainable voice
+ voice care
+ when to seek help for your voice

INVESTMENT: Between $100-$200 (AUD) per person for a 90 minute in-person or online workshop. Cost is dependant on the requested content. Minimum 10 participants. 

Half or full-day workshops are POA.

If you require Elle or a VocaLab coach to travel for an in-person session, you are required to provide return airfares, transport to and from the venue and hotel accomodation.

BOOKINGS: To book, click ‘enquire now’ below and a member of the VocaLab team will organise a date suitable for both yourself, your team and Elle.

Professional Development Consults ​

1:1 Zoom consults with Elle Holiday for SLPs and Singing Teachers

Topics of discussion can include:
+ support for singing teachers on complex singing cases
+ continual theoretical and practical singing voice education for singing teachers
+ business development
+ career development
+ tailored voice education for SLPs

INVESTMENT: $200 for a 1 hour Zoom consult

PLANNING: To ensure the most effective use of your consult session, you must send Elle a list of discussion points, prior to your scheduled session.

BOOKINGS: To book, click ‘book now’ below and choose and date and time that best suits you. If there are no times available that work for you – email: to discuss an alternative date.

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Monthly Singing Teacher Support Sessions ​

Each month singing teachers have the opportunity to bring along their tricky singing student case studies discuss different ways you can problem-solve their vocal needs with a voice-specialising SLP and a global community of vocal teachers

The Singing Teacher Support Session webinars (STSS) make seeking out alternative recommendations and strategies for tricky singing student cases more accessible to vocal teachers and to help build community through mutual support, being vulnerable and asking questions, and knowing that it’s ok to not have all the answers.
The STSS is a live, support session for singing teachers hosted by Elle Nichelle (voice-specialising SLP & Singing Technique Teacher) to help give insight and strategies into working through and problem-solving their tricky singing student cases. During the session, Elle will discuss your case study with you to the best of her knowledge, provide recommendations for extended reading and ongoing education, and there will also be a chance for other participants to share their thoughts on individual case studies.

Twang Masterclass ​

Master the Art of Twang with VocaLab’s Twang Masterclass

Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned singing teacher or singer, our evidence-based approach will help you take your voice to the next level. In this workshop we will explore:

– Anatomy and physiology of twang
– Exercises to strengthen and develop twang
– Practical strategies for incorporating twang into songs


Monica Sowinski
Monica Sowinski@m_s_v_studio
Read More
Elle is such a lovely person and a great educator. I recently attended her Twang Masterclass and it was PACKED with valuable information and presented in a way that was very clear and easy to understand. I can't wait to start applying the concepts I learned in my voice studio and my own singing!

Choral Makeover ​

Choral Directors, would you like Elle to come in and polish up your choral sound before a performance?

With a specific focus on group technique, relevant vocal anatomy and voice care, Elle can help to inspire your ensemble, create a unified sound and provide education to help monitor and remediate common voice issues within choirs.

INVESTMENT: $500 AUD for a 2-hour in-person or zoom choral makeover. If you require Elle or a VocaLab coach to travel for an in-person session, you are required to provide return airfares, transport to and from the venue, and hotel accomodation.

PLANNING: To ensure the most effective use of your choral make-over time, you must send in your chosen choral charts and recordings of parts 1 week prior to your session date.

BOOKINGS: To book, click ‘enquire now’ below and a member of the VocaLab team will organise a date suitable for your choir and Elle, or your chosen VocaLab teacher

Build Your Belt Masterclass

Understand, Strengthen, Extend & Sustain Your Belt

Reaching your belting goals can sometimes feel overwhelming, especially with all the information and advice that is out there. This masterclass breaks through the ‘tips and tricks’ and dives deeply into the ‘how’ of belting, whilst also providing you with evidence-based and clinically implemented cues and exercises to reach your best belt-sound. 

Whether you are new to singing, a seasoned singing teacher or singer, our the VocaLab Belt Building Masterclass will help you take your belt to the next level. In this masterclass we explore:

– Anatomy, physiology and classification of belt
– Exercises to strengthen your belt
– Exercises to extending your belt range
– How to problem-solve your belt
– Practical strategies for incorporating belt into songs

The Sustainable Belter-2

Sick Singer's Toolkit ​


Let’s face it.
Us singers KNOW we shouldn’t be singing when we get sick and that “Vocal Rest Is Best” and we do our absolute best to accommodate for this, but sometimes we have no choice BUT to sing. It might be a situation where:
– you can’t find another vocalist to cover for you
– you have contractual obligations
– you need the money to live

All of these are valid reasons.

Being given the advice (or instruction) to ‘never sing when you’re sick’ creates feelings of shame and guilt, which makes us more likely to HIDE the fact that we are sick when we need to do a gig, rather than seeking out help and recommendations for what to do to help limit vocal fatigue and create the most functional voice possible during the gig/show that you cannot miss.

In the Sick Singer’s Toolkit Recorded Webinar we cover:
– Signs of vocal fold swelling
– How to monitor your vocal progress/regression
– Warm-up and cool-down options for maintaining and preserving vocal range and voice quality
– Strategies for reducing your daily vocal load
– Voice preparation steps leading up to the performance
– Alterations you can apply in your gig/performance to lessen vocal fatigue
– When to book in to see a Laryngologist/Voice-specialising SLP
– How to approach telling your team that your voice is not 100%

The Sick Singer’s Toolkit is presented by voice-specialising Speech Pathologist and Singing Teacher, Elle Holiday who is the director of VocaLab

"I highly HIGHLY recommend this [The Sick Singer's Toolkit] to all performers out there. So many useful tips, tricks and methods to use going forward. I am so grateful for VocaLab for making this information so accessible, if you don’t know, get to know! Elle also touches on the feeling of guilt for performers who aren’t able to do their jobs when they’re sick, it’s so nice to know I’m not the only one and feel so validated. It’s so normal to get sick, we are only human. Worth every single penny! Thank you @VocaLabAU."