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  • Have you ever wanted to become a singing teacher but don’t know where to start?
  • Are you an experienced vocal coach who feels they have gaps in their voice teaching knowledge?
  • Are you a Speech Pathologist who wants to know more about how you can apply your knowledge to your voice clients?
  • Are you a singer who wants to learn more about their voice?

The Vocal Educator Toolkit (VET) is a 5-week, live & online, holistic, evidence-based, interactive webinar that will aid you in becoming a more knowledgeable, empowered and effective vocal communicator, whilst also providing you with a small community of likeminded vocal educators.

It is run by voice specialising Speech Pathologist and Vocal Coach, Elle Nichelle who runs VocaLab Voice Clinic in Adelaide, Australia. During the VET you will explore vocal anatomy, physiology, warm-ups, assessments, vocal trouble-shooting, exercises, counselling strategies, common and uncommon voice pathology (nodules, polyps, laryngitis) and how they present, and when and who to refer to when you suspect something is different about your student’s voice! You will also come away having created your very own resources to use in your lessons with you students.

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– JUNE: June 5th – July 3rd

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Everything you need about VocaLab’s signature online course – The Vocal Educator Toolkit.

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VocaLab provides evidence-based voice education

To help ensure singing teachers, music teachers and directors are providing the best vocal education and instruction, it is important to keep up to date with the most relevant and recent voice-related information.

VocaLab Education Academy provides several Professional Development opportunities through courses and workshops, for groups of singing teachers, educators and singers wanting to increase their vocal knowledge in a fun, non-judgemental and supportive environment.

The following VocaLab courses are available online and in-person:

  • The Vocal Educator Toolkit – for singing teachers and aspiring singing teachers
  • Vocal Health Workshops – for your school, business or company
  • Music Director’s Vocal Coaching Toolkit – for classroom music teachers and musical directors
  • Choral Makeover – for choirs wishing to fine-tune their collective technique
  • *1:1 zoom consults – for business development, career development and tailored voice education for SLPs

All courses listed can be booked for a desired time and place, with minimum participant requirements for each. To arrange a course to be run at your school, workplace, privately, in person or online contact Elle at:

*1:1 zoom consults are $130AUD for a 45 minute session.

Music Director’s Vocal Coaching Toolkit

A one day in-person workshop

The Musical Director’s Vocal Coaching Toolkit is a full-day, face to face workshop that covers relevant vocal anatomy and physiology, vocal language, voice care and strategies to coach both an ensemble and individuals on achieving blend, pitch, desired vocal sounds and stamina whilst singing, and a safe, stable speaking voice.

The MD Toolkit also covers:

  • How to instruct effective blending in your ensemble
  • Instructing your cast on how to sing in tune
  • Strategies for teaching harmonies
  • Safely projecting speaking voices
  • How to coach your cast leads to sing more dynamically
  • The vocal language to communicate effectively with your vocalists
  • What to do when the dreaded laryngitis or cold hits the cast

This workshop also provides a space for practical application of all your new knowledge, encouraging you to explore how to achieve these sounds in your own voice, so you can guide your cast towards your vocal vision.


Elle is based in South Australia; however, you can enquire to book the MD Vocal Coaching Toolkit rurally or interstate at your school or workplace.

Price is dependent on location and the number of participants.

To discuss booking an MD Vocal Coaching Toolkit workshop in more detail email:

Choral Make-Over

Choral Directors, would you like Elle to come in and make-over your choral sound before a performance?

With a specific focus on group technique, relevant vocal anatomy and voice care, Elle can help to inspire your ensemble, create a unified sound and provide education to help monitor and remediate common voice issues within choirs.

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