Voice Clinic

VocaLab Voice Clinic provides voice therapy and rehabilitation services with a special interest in singers, professional voice users (teachers, lawyers, performers, instructors) & transgender voice training and care.

Singing Studio

Elle provides private singing lessons through the VocaLab Singing Studio based in Hillcrest. Elle works exclusively with adult clients focusing on performance-based singing, vocal freedom and self-confidence.

Education Academy

The Education Academy provides professional development courses and workshops for singers, singing teachers, classroom teachers and music directors wanting to increase their vocal knowledge.

Creating knowledgeable, confident and empowered vocalists & vocal educators

Making evidence-based vocal teaching accessible to everyone

About Elle Nichelle

VocaLab founder/Speech Pathologist/Vocal Coach
Elle’s mission is to empower and build the confidence of every vocalist and vocal educator on the planet by increasing their vocal knowledge with relevant and applicable anatomical teaching.

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