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VocaLab is an Australia-wide voice service with international offerings and your all-in-one vocal destination for voice rehabilitation, singing lessons, performance anxiety coaching, singing teacher training, gender-affirming voice training and vocal health education.
VocaLab is committed to empowering and instilling confidence in every voice user worldwide by enhancing their vocal knowledge through relevant, evidence-based, and anatomical teaching in a supportive and compassionate environment.

We offer advanced, science-driven education and training for singers, singing instructors, academic institutions, organizations, and individuals involved in voice care.

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Meet the team

Here is just a selection of the incredible VocaLab Team!

VocaLab Director

Elle Holiday

Speech Pathologist

Sonia Mohanaraj

Associate SInging Teacher

Annelise Hall

Performance Anxiety Coach

Andrea Fleming


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Mixed Belt And Belt’ – What’s the Difference?

Discover the intriguing physiological distinctions between mixed belt and traditional belt singing techniques in our latest blog post. We delve into the mechanics of vocal fold activity, exploring how open and closed quotients influence the intensity and quality of a singer’s voice. Whether you’re a seasoned performer or a curious enthusiast, this exploration offers valuable insights into the science behind these popular singing styles.

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Understanding the Risks of Vaping for Vocalists

Prolonged exposure to vaping can have significant long-term effects on a singer’s voice and overall vocal health. Chronic vaping is linked to the risk of developing vocal fold nodules, polyps, cysts and Reinke’s oedema which can lead to hoarseness, loss of vocal control and vocal fatigue.

Let’s explore some facts and studies about vaping.

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How to Choose Your Perfect Singing Teacher

Embarking on a musical journey requires the right mentor, someone who can guide you through the highs and lows of developing your singing voice.

Whether you’re aspiring to hit the high notes like Mariah Carey, longing to belt out ballads with the power of Adele, or seeking to soothe souls with the gentle timbre of Norah Jones, finding the ideal singing teacher is a pivotal step.

Let’s delve into how you can match yourself with an excellent singing teacher.

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The Advanced Vocal Technique Workshop is now live!

Do You Want to Elevate Your Vocal Technique in Just One Day, Unlocking Cues and Strategies That Usually Take Years to Learn?

What People Say About VocaLab

Thank you Elle!

Elle’s Speech Pathology, expertise, vocal coaching skills and being a vocalist herself is the triple threat I didn’t know I was looking for but so needed! Recently Elle was someone I called on multiple times a week for a very intense tour. I felt stronger and more focused with Elle in my corner.

Tania Doko - Lead Singer of Bachelor Girl


I cannot recommend the Vocal Educator Toolkit course more highly to vocal educators looking to up skill and stay on top of the latest in voice science. Elle from VocaLab is a gift to voice teachers

Millicent Sarre - Vocalist & Finge Award Winner

high-quality vocal education

I absolutely loved attending VocaLab’s workshop in New York City!  I was so excited to get to learn face to face from Elle. She is so warm, nurturing, and knows the voice inside and out. Her techniques all stem from years of science-based voice research, and it shows.

Emily Kristen Morris - Singer, Actress


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