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VocaLab provides voice specialising Speech Pathology services through VocaLab Voice Clinic, focusing on rehabilitating the voices of singers, high-level professional voice users & gender-affirming voice training


VocaLab provides private singing lessons and coaching online and in-person from Adelaide, Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane with a strong focus on performance-based singing, vocal freedom and self-confidence.


VocaLab provides professional development voice courses, 1:1 professional consults, mentoring and workshops for singers, singing teachers & speakers wanting to increase their vocal knowledge.

Creating knowledgeable, confident and
empowered vocalists & vocal educators

Making evidence-based voice education accessible to all

About VocaLab

VocaLab is your all-in-one vocal destination for voice rehabilitation, singing lessons, singing teacher training, gender-affirming voice training and vocal health education.

VocaLab is committed to empowering and instilling confidence in every voice user worldwide by enhancing their vocal knowledge through relevant, evidence-based, and anatomical teaching in a supportive and compassionate environment. We offer advanced, science-driven education and training for singers, singing instructors, academic institutions, organizations, and individuals involved in voice care.

Our voice professionals are carefully selected and trained in the VocaLab method, whilst also continuing to persue ongoing voice professional development in their speciality voice areas. Our singing teaching team includes Elle Holiday (SA), Annelise Hall (NSW), Mae Bellamy (QLD), Lani Zimmer, (VIC), Leena Hurrell (SA) and Rachel Coppen (SA) while our Speech Pathology Voice Therapy team is lead by Elle Holiday and Sonia Mohanaraj from the VocaLab Voice Clinic in North Adelaide and via Telehealth.

We proudly serve singers, singing teacher and voice users from around the world, including Australia, the United States, the United Kingdom, Romania, Canada, France, Switzerland, and the Philippines.

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