Voice Clinic

VocaLab Voice Clinic provides clinical voice therapy and rehabilitation services specialising in singers, professional voice users (teachers, lawyers, performers, instructors) & transgender voice training and care.

Singing Studio

Elle provides 1:1 singing lessons through the VocaLab Singing Studio based in Hillcrest, SA and online. Elle works exclusively with adult clients focusing on performance-based singing, vocal freedom and self-confidence.

Education Academy

The Education Academy provides professional development voice courses, 1:1 professional consults, and workshops for singers, singing teachers & music directors wanting to increase their vocal knowledge.

Creating knowledgeable, confident and empowered vocalists & vocal educators

Making evidence-based vocal teaching accessible to everyone

About Elle Nichelle

VocaLab founder/Speech Pathologist/Vocal Coach

Elle’s mission is to empower and build the confidence of every vocalist and vocal educator on the planet by increasing their vocal knowledge with relevant and applicable evidence-based, anatomical teaching.

What People Are Saying

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