EST. 2020

About VocaLab

VocaLab is an Australia-wide voice service with international offerings and your all-in-one vocal destination for voice rehabilitation, singing lessons, performance anxiety coaching, singing teacher training, gender-affirming voice training and vocal health education.

VocaLab is committed to empowering and instilling confidence in every voice user worldwide by enhancing their vocal knowledge through relevant, evidence-based, and anatomical teaching in a supportive and compassionate environment. We offer advanced, science-driven education and training for singers, singing instructors, academic institutions, organizations, and individuals involved in voice care.

Our voice professionals are carefully selected and trained in the VocaLab method, whilst also continuing to pursue ongoing voice professional development in their speciality areas. VocaLab is a national organisation with singing teachers providing lessons in-person from their studios across the country: Elle Holiday (SA), Annelise Hall (NSW), Mae Bellamy (QLD), Lani Zimmer, (VIC), Leena Hurrell (SA) and Rachel Coppen (SA) while our Speech Pathology Voice Therapy team is lead by Elle Holiday and Sonia Mohanaraj from the VocaLab Voice Clinic in North Adelaide and via Telehealth. VocaLab also has a Performance Anxiety Coach on staff, Andrea Fleming, who is based out of New York.

We proudly serve singers, singing teachers and voice users from across the globe, including Australia, the United States, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Romania, Canada, France, Germany, Singapore, Switzerland, and the Philippines.

About Elle Holiday

VocaLab Founder, Director, Voice SLP & Vocal Technique Coach

Elle Holiday’s path in the world of music and vocal education is marked by both challenge and transformation. Growing up with a love for singing and performance, she sang solo and with bands and choirs throughout her school years. Her formal music education peaked with a Diploma in Jazz Voice from the Elder Conservatorium of Music in 2008, a time filled with both achievement and passion for performance.

However, Elle’s career took an unexpected turn one night out with friends. After hours of talking loudly in a noisy environment, while dehydrated, she developed vocal fold nodules (shock-horror! a human being getting an injury? how rare and unexpected!). This experience plunged her into the world of vocal health, a subject she knew little about at the time. The process of seeking help from an SLP and an ENT left her more confused about her condition and worried about her future as a singer. This frustration drove Elle to take control of her own vocal health education.

Around the same time, Elle fell into teaching singing. She quickly realised that, like her, many singing teachers were using teaching methods based on how their voices felt and what they had been taught in lessons, without a deep understanding of vocal anatomy. This recognition of a widespread gap in knowledge among her peers prompted Elle to dig deeper.

Elle decided to bridge this gap by studying Speech Pathology while continuing to teach and perform. She developed the Vocal Educator Toolkit (VET), an online course merging her extensive teaching experience with her clinical knowledge, designed to equip singing teachers with essential voice knowledge. The VET has gained global acceptance, emphasising that it’s okay not to have all the answers and that there is always room to learn and grow. This philosophy ensures that every voice teacher can feel confident and equipped to help their students, reinforcing the belief that one does not need to know everything about the voice to be a great teacher.

Capitalising on this success, Elle founded the VocaLab Voice Clinic to offer comprehensive clinical voice therapy and support, particularly for individuals with vocal injuries and those seeking voice alignment with their gender identity. Since its inception in 2020, VocaLab has expanded from Adelaide to major Australian cities and New York, promoting a supportive and innovative approach in voice therapy and education.