Understand, Strengthen, Extend & Sustain Your Belt with Voice SLP/VocaLab Founder, Elle Holiday.

Reaching your belting goals can sometimes feel overwhelming, especially with all the information and advice that is out there. This masterclass breaks through the ‘tips and tricks’ and dives deeply into the ‘how’ of belting, whilst also providing you with evidence-based and clinically implemented cues and exercises to reach your best belt-sound.

Whether you are new to singing, a seasoned singing teacher or singer, our the VocaLab Belt Building Masterclass will help you take your belt to the next level. In this masterclass we explore:

– Anatomy, physiology and classification of belt
– Exercises to strengthen your belt
– Exercises to extending your belt range
– How to problem-solve your belt
– Practical strategies for incorporating belt into songs
– Creating your very own ‘Belt Training Program’

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