Elle Nichelle holiday

VocaLab Director | Vocal Coach | Voice-Specialising Speech Language Pathologist | Singer
Elle is a voice-specialising Speech Pathologist, singing teacher, vocal massage therapist and singer from Adelaide, South Australia.

Elle has a passion for rehabilitating peoples voices, educating singing teachers, supporting trans-folk to find their most authentic voice and inspiring confidence in others. When she is not working with voice, Elle enjoys watching Star Wars, styling outfits, gardening and spending time with her husband, Luke.

Annelise Hall

Associate Singing Teacher | Vocal & Acting Coach | Singer | Performer

Annelise is a passionate, energetic and fun singing teacher from Sydney, Australia. She has a strong desire to help people discover joy, freedom and confidence in their voice and has a strong focus on vocal health and musical knowledge, working with people of all ages and skill levels.

Annelise is a musical theatre performer and is currently on Australian National Tour starring as 'Sandy' in Grease - The Musical.

Sonia Mohanaraj

Voice-Specialising Speech Language Pathologist | Singer
Sonia is an experienced Paediatric SLP, voice specialising Speech Pathologist and vocalist from Adelaide, South Australia. She has a kind and approachable nature and enjoys performing in local theatre productions.

Sonia believes that every person’s voice is unique and that they should feel empowered to use their voice effectively and safely.

Leena Regan

Associate Singing Teacher | Vocal Coach | Singer | Recording Artist

Leena is a vocal coach who is deeply rooted in the commercial music scene.

Holding a Bachelor of Music from Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee, and enriched by her extensive teaching experience at both Musicians Institute in Hollywood, California, and her artist development company, Songbird Society, Leena expertly blends academic knowledge with practical industry insights.

Lani Zimmer

Associate Singing Teacher | Pro Vocalist | Singer | Vocal Coach
Lani is a warm, passionate and caring teacher who harnesses her knowledge as an informed singing teacher and accomplished vocalist to best assist her students. Lani's commitment to musical education is underpinned by a blend of empathy-led teaching practices and anatomical insights, creating an environment where students are encouraged, challenged and empowered. In the solo spotlight, Lani captivates audiences with performances at iconic venues like the Melbourne Recital Centre, The Jazzlab and The Night Cat.

Mae Bellamy

Associate Singing Teacher | Vocal Coach | Singer | Performer
Mae is a warm, fun and approachable singing teacher based in Brisbane, Australia. With a lifelong passion for music and voice, she is dedicated to helping singers find freedom, authenticity and joy in their singing.

She specialises in teaching vocal agility (riffs and runs) and building vocal confidence in others. Mae holds a Bachelor of Music (Hons) in Contemporary Voice (Jazz) from London, UK, and performed often around the London live music scene.

Rachel Coppen

Associate Singing Teacher | Vocal Coach | Singer | Performer
Rachel is an Adelaide-based singing teacher with a passion for building confidence, knowledge & empowerment in her students. She enjoys delivering evidence-based education on vocal health & technique to help each student accomplish their vocal goals and further their musical careers.

Rachel is committed to providing a safe and comfortable environment for vocalists of all ages & stages to learn about their voices.

Kaitlyn Meadows

Administrative Assistant | Personal Assistant | Singer | Actor
Kaitlyn has spent her whole life immersed in the theatre world. She truly loves supporting others and is all about creating a safe, fun space for everyone. You'll always find her up for a chat, ready to share a sweet treat, or lending a listening ear to anyone who needs it.

Kaitlyn has worked with renowned companies like Opera Australia, Disney, and Sydney Theatre Company, taking on a range of roles.