VocaLab Testimonials

Hear from VocaLab students & course participants

Working with Elle has been a game changer! I’ve been singing professionally for over 30 years, an an artist, performer and songwriter, learning positive tips, and unlearning the not so great ones throughout this wild ride. Elle’s speech pathology, expertise, vocal coaching skills and being a vocalist herself is the triple threat I didn’t know I was looking for but so needed! In laymen’s terms she explains the science and physiology so eloquently, vocalises any given exercise that will make a fundamental difference so clearly, AND because she sings gorgeously for a living as well, can fully appreciate the psychology behind singing, and how our negative emotions can be tamed, and how we own the space and seriously kick some butt.

Recently Elle was someone I called on multiple times a week for a very intense tour. I felt stronger and more focused with Elle in my corner. Whilst my voice has taken me to great heights, I’ve had my fair share of vocal challenges, be it technical or even the trust I could deliver, every night. Elle’s holistic approach from tangible, daily recommendations to her broad self compassion/self assuring self talk practices are transformational! I’ve already recommended Elle to so many emerging and established vocalists. The kicker? She’s a GREAT, cool and FUN chick, too.
"ELLE IS AMAZING!! I have visited Elle in her clinic for Speech Pathology as well as private vocal lessons and I am so happy with the outcome. I have been singing for almost 20 years and unfortunately I had developed a lot of bad habits due to incorrect technique. Elle has taken the time to correct my voice as well as my singing technique to break the habits I developed so I’m not destroying my voice. Her bubbly and bright personality also makes every lesson a treat. I highly recommend booking a lesson with Elle. You will not be disappointed."​
"Elle is simply fabulous and I have loved taking singing lessons with her! Her anatomical expertise and ability to partner with the student in front of her is an incredibly special combination. She has helped me troubleshoot complex coordinations in ways that no other voice teachers have and I am so thankful to her."
Simply put, Elle is the best teacher I’ve ever had. The teacher l’ve always dreamed of. When Elle is your teacher, you get the expertise of a Speech Pathologist who truly understands the anatomical structures of the voice, and a vocalist who understands the demands and nuance of performance. Elle has an amazing ability to problem solve, to hear the challenge, enquire and immediately attend to it. Not a second wasted, her lessons are rich with information relevant to your specific voice and physiological experience. Elle is patient, moulds to the pace I set and gives the clearest and most flexible vocal instruction I have encountered amongst vocal professionals. I absolutely love that Elle directs me to coordinate my voice based on my unique vocal experience, with positive, inclusive, student-centred language. As someone who has had ill-informed, harsh teachers in the past, working with Elle has been deeply healing. I finally feel seen, heard and safe in my lessons. I can now freely sing complex vocal phrases in registers and tonal qualities I’ve always found challenging. I leave each lesson feeling like my voice has been attended to holistically, empowered with the tools to make progress and like all my questions are answered (I’m truly inspired by Elle’s commitment to finding the latest evidence-based research to support her students). I’m so grateful to have found such an incredible teacher and I strive to be more like her in my own teaching. I truly cannot recommend Elle highly enough.”