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Under The Guidance Of VocaLab's Highly Trained Speech Pathologists You Can Protect Your Most Valuable Asset, Your Voice, And Perform At Your Best Every Day.​

VocaLab Voice Clinic based in North Adelaide and online, offers specialised voice therapy and rehabilitation services for singers and speakers experiencing voice disorders, gender-affirming voice training for the LGBTQIA+ community and executive voice coaching for executives looking to improve their vocal impact in boardrooms and presentations.


Here's What the clinic can offer you

Singing Voice Therapy

Navigating voice challenges can be complex. Whether you are a professional singer, an amateur vocalist, or those who sing for pleasure; not being able to sing with freedom and confidence can be deeply frustrating and can significantly affect mental health. At VocaLab, we’re committed to supporting your vocal journey—whether you’ve recently been diagnosed with a voice disorder, are noticing changes to your singing or are experiencing unexpected vocal fatigue or pain, we are here to help support you in regaining a more sustainable, reliable, and confident singing voice again.

Speaking Voice Therapy

Most people use their voice to communicate at every age and in every workplace. When our voices become tired, sore, or weak, it can severely impact our ability to communicate with people in daily conversation, at work, at home, or socially. At VocaLab, we are dedicated to assisting you through your vocal journey—whether you have been diagnosed with a voice disorder, are observing changes to your speaking voice, or are encountering vocal fatigue or discomfort. Our goal is to help you create a more sustainable, reliable, and confident speaking voice.

Pre and Post-Operative Voice Care

Undergoing voice surgery can be a daunting and stressful experience. At VocaLab, we recognize that recovery from voice surgery is not just a physical process but a comprehensive journey. We are committed to supporting you every step of the way—before and after your procedure. Our goal is to ensure you are well-informed, fully prepared, and supported throughout your path to voice recovery. We provide the guidance and expertise you need to navigate this journey smoothly and effectively, helping you return to your daily life with a stronger, healthier voice.

Gender-Affirming Voice Training

At VocaLab, all our SLPs are gender-affirming voice care providers, and understand the critical role voice plays in gender expression. Our gender-affirming voice training focuses on developing pitch, voice quality, voice ‘weight’, articulation, intonation, and inflection to help bring your voice closer to your affirmed gender. Through practical exercises and tailored strategies, we aim to empower you to communicate more authentically in all aspects of life. Our program is designed to provide you with the tools and techniques needed for vocal transformation, enhancing both confidence and comfort in your daily interactions.

Executive Voice Coaching

VocaLab’s Executive Voice Coaching is essential in the corporate landscape, where the effectiveness of communication is not just about words, but how they are conveyed. Aimed at CEOs, board members, and executives, this coaching enhances the ability to communicate with confidence, resonance, and authority, greatly influencing leadership effectiveness and organisational success. We provide tailored coaching sessions that can be delivered directly at your workplace to individuals or entire staff teams, ensuring impactful communication skills throughout your organisation.

Professional Development Consults

Elle offers professional voice consults tailored to both Speech-Language Pathologists and singing teachers. These consults are designed to enhance your understanding of voice therapy and singing techniques and demonstrations, give support on complex client cases, and explore strategies for business management. Elle provides guidance on a broad array of topics, from advanced vocal exercises and troubleshooting voice issues to optimising clinic operations. By engaging in our consults, you can broaden your professional expertise, ensuring superior care for your clients and growth in your practice.


Meet the VocaLab Voice Therapy Team


Elle Holiday

Principal Voice Specialising Speech Pathologist, Vocal Massage Therapist, Vocalist & Performer
Adelaide, Australia + Online

Elle Holiday is a voice-specialising Speech Pathologist, vocal massage therapist, singing teacher, choral conductor and singer from Adelaide, South Australia. She holds a Bachelor of Speech Pathology from Flinders University and a Diploma in Jazz Voice from the Elder Conservatorium of Music.

This combination of extensive singing training, teaching and performance experience, paired with her clinical knowledge and practice, allows Elle to offer a specialty, niche package of voice services that have been engaged by reputable Australian and international performers in theatre, television, movies, music, and radio.

Elle has a passion for rehabilitating peoples voices, supporting trans-folk and gender diverse people find and train their authentic voice, reading voice research, educating singing teachers, entrepreneurship and inspiring confidence in others. Elle performs reguarly and teaches a range of vocal styles including: contemporary, musical theatre, gospel, R&B, soul and jazz. Elle completed her Vocal Massage certification in 2023 through ‘Vocal Massage Training’, UK.

Elle is the most recent recipient of the coveted Seven Effect ‘Brain Award’, an award that celebrates the success of women across Australia in Life and Business.


Sonia Mohanaraj

Voice Specialising Speech Pathologist, Vocalist & Performer
Adelaide, Australia + Online

Sonia is an experienced Paediatric Speech Pathologist and vocalist from Adelaide, South Australia. She has a kind and approachable nature, advocating for vocal health and confidence and incorporating evidence-based voice therapy as her main priority.

Sonia graduated with a Bachelor of Speech Pathology at Flinders University in 2019 and has been working with ages 0-18 years in the areas of speech, language, literacy, social communication, and fluency. She has a passion for voice, having been classically trained in singing for 5+ years and performs regularly in musical theatre productions.

Sonia believes that every person’s voice is unique and that they should feel empowered to use their voice effectively and safely. By providing an encouraging and supportive environment to do so, she can work with you to create and nurture your own exceptional voice.

Sonia recently performed her ensemble role in the production of ‘Catch Me If You Can’ with Northern Lights Theatre Company.

Client Success Stories

🌟 Jesse’s Remarkable Journey Featured on Channel 7 News! 🌟

Five years ago, a stroke profoundly changed Jesse’s life, taking away his ability to walk, talk, and swallow. Yet, his indomitable spirit didn’t waver. With the tailored support from VocaLab in 2021, Jesse’s voice found new life.

Today, he’s on a mission to share his transformative journey—from silence to singing—through an upcoming album. Let’s rally behind Jesse and make his musical dream come alive! 

Where to find us

VocaLab Voice Clinic can be found inside the Prevent Physio & Wellness suite on Level 2, Suite 19, 183 Tynte Street, North Adelaide.

To book your appointment call: (08) 8361 8182 or email admin@prevent.net.au to chat to our friendly staff, or book online from the link below.

EFTPOS and HICAPS facilities available.

If you are attending an initial appointment, please arrive 15 minutes before your appointment to allow time to fill out the necessary forms.


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