The Sick Singer’s Toolkit Recorded Webinar


The Sick Singer’s Toolkit Recorded Webinar

The Sick Singer’s Toolkit Recorded Webinar

Let’s face it.
Us singers KNOW we shouldn’t be singing when we get sick and that “Vocal Rest Is Best” and we do our absolute best to accommodate for this, but sometimes we have no choice BUT to sing. It might be a situation where:
– you can’t find another vocalist to cover for you
– you have contractual obligations
– you need the money to live

All of these are valid reasons.

Being given the advice (or instruction) to ‘never sing when you’re sick’ creates feelings of shame and guilt, which makes us more likely to HIDE the fact that we are sick when we need to do a gig, rather than seeking out help and recommendations for what to do to help limit vocal fatigue and create the most functional voice possible during the gig/show that you cannot miss.

In the Sick Singer’s Toolkit Recorded Webinar we cover:
– Signs of vocal fold swelling
– How to monitor your vocal progress/regression
– Warm-up and cool-down options for maintaining and preserving vocal range and voice quality
– Strategies for reducing your daily vocal load
– Voice preparation steps leading up to the performance
– Alterations you can apply in your gig/performance to lessen vocal fatigue
– When to book in to see a Laryngologist/Voice-specialising SLP
– How to approach telling your team that your voice is not 100%

The Sick Singer’s Toolkit is run by voice-specialising Speech Pathologist and Singing Teacher, Elle Nichelle who runs VocaLab Voice Clinic in Adelaide, Australia and online.


What People Say About VocaLab

Thank you Elle!

Elle’s Speech Pathology, expertise, vocal coaching skills and being a vocalist herself is the triple threat I didn’t know I was looking for but so needed! Recently Elle was someone I called on multiple times a week for a very intense tour. I felt stronger and more focused with Elle in my corner.

Tania Doko - Lead Singer of Bachelor Girl


I cannot recommend the Vocal Educator Toolkit course more highly to vocal educators looking to up skill and stay on top of the latest in voice science. Elle from VocaLab is a gift to voice teachers

Millicent Sarre - Vocalist & Finge Award Winner

high-quality vocal education

I absolutely loved attending VocaLab’s workshop in New York City!  I was so excited to get to learn face to face from Elle. She is so warm, nurturing, and knows the voice inside and out. Her techniques all stem from years of science-based voice research, and it shows.

Emily Kristen Morris - Singer, Actress


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