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Elle continues to work as a private vocal coach through the VocaLab Singing Studio based in Hillcrest, South Australia and online. Elle works exclusively with adult clients focusing on performance-based singing, vocal freedom and self-confidence.

Elle has much experience rebuilding singers voices and their understanding of how the voice functions. She also recognises how past negative experiences with singing teachers and performances can have a debilitating effect on your vocal-confidence. Elle is warm, positive, holistic and empowering, and you will leave each lesson feeling accomplished and supported.

A lesson with Elle focuses on creating balance between the vocal mechanisms of breathing, phonation and resonance. She specialises in troubleshooting vocal issues and utilises evidence-based Speech Pathology voice rehabilitation techniques, body movement and breath management to reduce tension and strain in the voice. 

Musically, Elle has an extensive knowledge of genres (contemporary, jazz, musical theatre, r&b, soul and rock), vocal ad lib/scat and song writing. She works with professional vocalists and amateur vocalists to prepare for auditions, performances and gigs. This includes microphone technique, vocal care before and after shows and how to advocate for yourself, your pay rate and the environment you are asked to play in; before, during and after gigs.

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New students
Initial singing lessons are $130 and run for 1 hour. This includes a voice assessment and an individualised vocal goal setting report. It is important that I can get a good picture of the functioning of your voice, set goals and identify baseline measurements of your voice.

Continuing student
Ongoing singing lessons are $90 for 45mins (these can only be taken after an initial singing lesson)

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