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The Vocal Educator Toolkit (VET) is a 5-week, live & online, holistic, evidence-based, professional development vocal course that has been created exclusively for vocal teachers, people who want to become vocal teachers and singers who want to know more about their voice.

When you join the VET you alos gain access to the VET Community, an online Facebook group of all past VET participants; where you can discuss voice with vocal educators from all over the world!

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Vocal Educator Toolkit


Have you ever wanted to become a singing teacher but don’t know where to start?

Are you an experienced vocal coach who feels they have gaps in their voice teaching knowledge?

Are you an SLP who wants to refresh your knowledge on the voice?

Are you a singer who wants to learn more about their voice?

If you answered YES to any of these questions then our course is for you!

The Vocal Educator Toolkit It is run by voice specialising Speech Pathologist and Vocal Coach, Elle Nichelle who runs VocaLab Voice Clinic in Adelaide, Australia. During the VET you will explore vocal anatomy, physiology, warm-ups, assessments, vocal trouble-shooting, exercises, counselling strategies, common and uncommon voice pathology (nodules, polyps, laryngitis) and how they present, and when and who to refer to when you suspect something is different about your student’s voice!

The VET has also been created with introverts in mind! Yep, you heard me. No on the spot questions, no pressure to ‘know it all’, you get to learn in a safe, inclusive environment with no fear of being ‘called out’ in front of others (Elle is a massive introvert too BTW).

Included in the Vocal Educator Toolkit is a 30min 1:1 professional development consult via zoom with Elle. This is where you can ask all your pressing voice questions that you may not wish to ask in front of the other participants (introverts, I got you!).

"ELLE IS AMAZING!! I have visited Elle in her clinic for Speech Pathology as well as private vocal lessons and I am so happy with the outcome. I have been singing for almost 20 years and unfortunately I had developed a lot of bad habits due to incorrect technique. Elle has taken the time to correct my voice as well as my singing technique to break the habits I developed so I’m not destroying my voice. Her bubbly and bright personality also makes every lesson a treat. I highly recommend booking a lesson with Elle. You will not be disappointed."​
"I could not recommend this course [The Vocal Educator Toolkit] more. Elle has an incredible knowledge on voice science and application and gives you tools you can INSTANTLY use in your studio. She is a gem. This course not only validated what I was already doing in my studio but it expanded my tool kit and gave me a huge confidence boost as a teacher."

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What will you learn?

During the VET you will explore:

You will also come away having created your very own resources to use in your lessons with your students!

"Deciding to book in with Elle at VocaLab is the best thing I have ever done for my voice. As a professional singer, I have received Speech Pathology treatment, and singing lessons and also participated in her Vocal Educator Toolkit course. She is absolutely lovely and always makes me feel comfortable and welcome. Thanks to her, my voice is the best it’s ever been. My voice is healthy, strong and flourishing thanks to her amazing methods and knowledge which is tailored to each patient individually so we get the most out of our time with her. I walk away from every session feeling empowered and with big improvements in my voice. If you’re not booking in with Elle for your voice, you are genuinely missing" out.
"The Vocal Educator Toolkit was the pedagogical and scientific voice course that I needed to refresh my voice teaching! Not only is Elle incredibly knowledgeable, giving the latest information and research, but she also encourages participants to be creative in the ways they implement this information into their voice practice. The well-being of the singer is always at the heart of what she says and does and you will walk away feeling empowered to help your clients and apply the knowledge to your own singing practice. I know I sure did!"

What the course includes!

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More about the VET

The VET is grounded in 3 foundational principles that will determine the effectiveness of your teaching at any level:


Your knowledge


The application of your knowledge into your own practice and


Your ability to explain your knowledge and how to apply it to others

The VET aims to empower you, the educator, by increasing your knowledge on the inner workings of yours and your students’ voices. You will learn how to:

If becoming a more knowledgeable, empowered and effective Vocal Educator and vocalist is something that interests you, then enrol today!

"Elle Nichelle is the real deal! Her extensive voice science knowledge, ability to explain it and make it practical in layman's terms and her encouraging nature makes her an incredible educator to work with! I highly recommend Elle!"
"Elle is FANTASTIC! I just finished her 5-week Vocal Educator Toolkit course, and I cannot begin to describe how much I have learnt. I've gained so much practical knowledge to apply in the context of my singing teaching. Would highly recommend this course to all my fellow singing teachers!"

Your Teacher

Elle Nichelle


A lesson with Elle focuses on creating balance between the vocal mechanisms of breathing, phonation and resonance and helping you understand how your voice functions. She specialises in troubleshooting vocal issues (especially belt) and utilises evidence-based Speech Pathology voice rehabilitation to help you create a sustainable singing voice. She also recognises how past negative experiences with singing teachers and performances can have a debilitating effect on your vocal-confidence. Elle is warm, positive, holistic and empowering, and you will leave each lesson feeling accomplished and supported.

Musically, Elle has an extensive knowledge of genres (contemporary, jazz, musical theatre, r&b, soul and rock). She works with professional vocalists and amateur vocalists to prepare for auditions, performances and gigs. This includes vocal care before and after shows and how to advocate for your voice in a workplace. She also consults on business and brand building.

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