ABLE Portable Mesh Nebuliser


Small portable nebuliser
Whisper quiet
Adjustable flow rate
2xAA batteries to operate (not included)
Includes Adult and Child Masks

Read about the benefits of nebulising for singers, below.


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The Able portable mesh nebulizer, is economical, ultra-quiet, has a comfortable grip and is lighter than the average smartphone! It only requires AA batteries for it to work.

Why nebulise?
A systematic review (the highest level of evidence) by Alves et al. (2019) found that nebulisation of 0.9% sterile saline solution decreased phonation threshold pressure – PTP (the effort it takes for your vocal folds to start vibrating). This may help to reduce your vocal effort, which makes it a great addition to your voice care and pre-performance regime.

Typically, you can find 0.9% saline solution at your pharmacy or online

2 masks, one for adults & one for children, 1x long nozzle

Usage Directions
For use with 0.9% sterile saline or sterile water.
Not to be used with tap water, filtered water, purified water or any other liquid.
Please follow instructions provided by the manufacturer (here) which are included in the box or talk to your healthcare professional regarding how to use this product.

Always read the label. Use as directed, incorrect use could be harmful.
Keep out of reach of children.
Always read manufacturers’ warnings included on the pack.
It is recommended you discuss with your GP your intentions to include nebulising in your voice care regime, especially if you have any underlying health or lung conditions.

Alves, M., Krüger, E., Pillay, B., Van Lierde, K., & Van der Linde, J. (2019). The effect of hydration on voice quality in adults: a systematic review. Journal of Voice, 33(1), 125-e13.