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Hello and welcome!

Hi, I’m Leena! I’m an Associate Singing Teacher and Vocal Coach with the team at VocaLab. Welcome to my online booking portal for my ongoing students. I offer lessons in person from my recording studio in Bowden, SA, and worldwide via zoom.

I specialise in working with individuals who have:

ADHD: Offering tailored strategies that cater to unique learning styles and concentration challenges.
Autoimmune Diseases and Chronic Illness: Understanding the physical and emotional impacts of these conditions on a singer’s performance and well-being.
Chronic Pain: Providing supportive techniques to manage pain while pursuing musical goals.
Mental Health Challenges: Education on issues like depression and anxiety, and their influence on artistic expression and performance.

My specialty singing teaching areas are:

Commercial Voice: Pop, hip-hop/rap, R&B, country, and rock
Live Performance: Mastering stage presence and audience engagement
Songwriting: Harnessing creativity and structure to craft memorable songs
Artist Branding: Developing a unique artist identity in the commercial music scene
Music Business: Navigating the industry with practical insights and strategies
Music Theory: Understanding the foundation of music for better creativity and performance

Looking forward to working with you!


BCMV, BMB (Bachelor of Commercial Music with a Voice Principal and a Double Emphasis in Performance and Music Business)

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Before you Book

If you haven’t had a singing lesson before with VocaLab, you will first need to book a singing voice assessment with Elle – our voice-specialising speech pathologist.

Leena Regan (she/her)

Leena is a vocal coach who is deeply rooted in the commercial music scene. Holding a Bachelor of Music from Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee, and enriched by her extensive teaching experience at both Musicians Institute in Hollywood, California, and her artist development company, Songbird Society, Leena expertly blends academic knowledge with practical industry insights.

Specializing in commercial genres such as pop, hip-hop/rap, R&B, country, and rock, Leena focuses on nurturing sustainable vocal techniques and helping artists find and develop their personal sound. Her approach, rooted in both scientific evidence and deep empathy, draws from her personal journey through the murky waters of the music industry, chronic illness, and mental health challenges.

At the core of Leena’s teaching is the belief that when artists are true to themselves, they transcend the need for competition and create their own space to thrive in the music world. With this in mind, she guides her students towards a career path that is sustainable, authentic, and aligned with their values and well-being. This philosophy stems from her 17 years as an independent artist and professional songwriter, offering relatable insights into the artist’s journey.

Her vibrant and confident personality, coupled with a deep understanding of the music industry, inspires artists to embrace their individuality. Leena creates a coaching environment that is both nurturing and challenging, focusing on well-being, overcoming limiting beliefs, and building confidence in both vocal abilities and artistic identity.

Embark on a transformative journey with Leena and unlock the full potential of your artistry, embrace who you truly are, and cultivate the courage to let your unique light shine in the music industry.

To begin lessons with Leena, you’ll first need a Vocal Assessment with Elle Holiday, a Voice Specialising Speech-Language Pathologist. During this assessment, Elle will discuss your goals, evaluate your voice, and create an individualized vocal plan that Leena will use to target your objectives.
When you book with a VocaLab instructor, you’re truly getting the support of the entire VocaLab team!