How to Choose Your Perfect Singing Teacher

How to Choose Your Perfect Singing Teacher

Embarking on a musical journey requires the right mentor, someone who can guide you through the highs and lows of developing your singing voice. Whether you’re aspiring to hit the high notes like Mariah Carey, longing to belt out ballads with the power of Adele, or seeking to soothe souls with the gentle timbre of Norah Jones, finding the ideal singing teacher is a pivotal step. With insights derived from VocaLab’s own specialised Vocal Coaches, let’s delve into how you can pick a singing teacher who resonates with your musical aspirations, making the learning process both fun and enriching.

1. Seek a Goal-Setter

A top-notch teacher sets goals with you, ensuring your development is both targeted and measurable. This approach, highlighted in VocaLab’s resources, underscores the importance of personalized learning paths that cater to your unique vocal journey.

2. Assess Before You Start

The best teachers assess your voice from the get-go. This initial step isn’t about judgment; it’s about understanding your current abilities and tailoring lessons to strengthen your vocal prowess.

3. Focused on You

Your lessons should be all about you. If a teacher spends more time showcasing their own skills or achievements rather than focusing on your development, you might want to reconsider your choice.

4. A Positive Influence

An excellent teacher uplifts not just you but also their peers. They maintain a positive or neutral stance on other professionals, fostering an environment of respect and learning.

5. Encourages Exploration

From urging you to try new songs and techniques to encouraging performance opportunities, a teacher who pushes you out of your comfort zone (gently) is worth their weight in gold. They know that growth lies in discomfort and exploration.

6. Embraces Continuous Learning

Look for a teacher who invests in their professional development. Singing techniques and pedagogies evolve, and a teacher who stays updated is more equipped to offer you contemporary and effective teaching methods.

7. Flexible Teaching Methods

An adaptable teacher, who can switch up tasks and explain exercises in multiple ways, ensures that lessons are tailored to your learning style. This flexibility enhances your understanding and application of vocal techniques.

8. Encourages External Learning

A sign of an excellent teacher is their encouragement for you to seek knowledge beyond their lessons. Whether it’s recommending books, videos, or other materials, they know that a well-rounded singer draws inspiration from multiple sources.

9. Knows Their Limits

A truly remarkable teacher recognizes the boundaries of their expertise and isn’t afraid to refer you to others when necessary. This humility ensures you get the best possible guidance for your specific needs.

10. Creating a Safe Space

Lastly, your teacher should create an environment where you feel safe to make mistakes, experiment, and express yourself. This foundation is crucial for your growth and self-confidence as a singer.


Your choice of a singing teacher can significantly influence your musical journey. By prioritising these qualities, you can find a mentor who not only enhances your vocal skills but also enriches your love for music. Ready to embark on this exciting journey? Want to learn more about VocaLab’s singing teachers? CLICK HERE to learn about our kind, supportive, highly trained selection of specialty singing teachers that tick all the boxes above!

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