About Elle

Elle Nichelle (she/her)

VocaLab founder/Speech Pathologist/Vocal Coach

Elle Nichelle is a Speech Pathologist, Singer and Vocal Coach. She holds a Bachelor of Speech Pathology and Diploma in Jazz Voice from the Elder Conservatorium of Music. Her passion is educating voice users (singers and speakers!) on how to achieve a safe, functional and reliable voice. Elle is also an LSVT LOUD Certified Clinician.

Elle has a special interest in advising young adults and adult singers, singing teachers, teachers and people who instruct voice, on vocal health, performance-based singing and vocal retraining, working towards vocal freedom and confidence with all her clients.

She also has a keen interest in providing trans people with the tools they need to help sculpt an easy-to-use, reliable voice that they love.

Elle’s mission is to empower and build the confidence of every voice user, singer and vocal educator by increasing their vocal knowledge with relevant and applicable anatomical teaching.

To help turn this passion into a reality, Elle founded VocaLab – a voice education company that provides 3 services:

  1. VocaLab Voice Clinic – a Speech Pathology service that provides voice therapy for singers and professional voice users
  2. VocaLab Singing Studio – private vocal coaching for adults wanting to rebuild their singing voice and confidence
  3. VocaLab Education Academy– an online and in person platform that provides relevant, fun and accessible voice education and strategies for the wider vocal community.

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